Terrazzo NS-008

Terrazzo NS-008

Terrazzo NS-008 is a bianco background terrazzo with fine red,black and gray marble chips.This classic texture is chosen for bathroom floor tiles,kitchen backsplash,countertops and furniture top.We supply jumbo slab size in 320x160x2 cm and customized products in polish,matt and leather finish.


    Terrazzo Stone slab price is from  $ 28-40/m2 in China terrazzo facotry for 18 mm polished slabs for wholesalers.


    ☑️Terrazzo NS-008 is concrete bianco terrazzo with marble chips texture in red,black and gray.

    ☑️Terrazzo stone is widely used for interior and exterior,like kitchen counter top ,bathroom flooring tiles, living room side table top ,sink and basin.

    ☑️There are several  terrazzo slab size options : 240x160,240x180,270x180,320x160 mm .It's zero  wastege for tiles cutting into 60x60,80x80,90x90 cm for flooring.

    ☑️ Terrazzo is prefered by interior designers used for for modern huge projects,like office building floor,airports and but station.

Color: White