Calacatta  Black Quartz

Calacatta Black Quartz

Calacatta quartz countertops are beautiful, unique pieces of stone that will add a magnificent look to a kitchen, bathroom or any bar imaginable. The white background are common in the market, and the black calacatta quartz are our company's new products.


    Calacatta Black quartz typically runs about $60 to $100 per square meter. Based on the thickness and type that price could vary. Each type of Calacatta quartz is unique which can drive the price up, especially if you have a specific look in mind.


    ☑️Calacatta Quartz is an extremely durable piece of quartz. These pieces of quartz are thick, natural and a great statement. Calacatta Quartz is used a lot due to its stain and scratch resistant qualities. The quartz has these qualities because it is extremely hard and durable, and easy for maintenance and caring. This gives the opportunity to use this material in a plethora of places, including bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, etc.

    ☑️ Calacatta marble has long been celebrated for its pure white color, dramatic veining, and subtle brown and gold undertones. However, marble isn’t the right choice for every homeowner.

    ☑️ Despite the easy maintenance of black quartz countertops, you should clean and dust the countertops regularly, regardless of whether it is showing any dirt or not. This makes it easier to clean spills that may have gone unnoticed, enhancing the durability of your black quartz kitchen countertops overall.

Color: Black