Black quartz cloud pattern

Black quartz cloud pattern

While dark quartz countertop colours were ignored in the past, they have become among the most popular recently. The practicality, the way they blend with most spaces and provide the best camouflage for stains and spills makes them ideal for most homes. For people with young children especially, it would be better to get black quartz countertops as opposed to whites or greys.  


    Black Quartz Stone slab price is from  $ 35-100/m2 in China engineered stone factory  for 20 mm polished slabs for wholesalers.


    ☑️There are several quartz jumbo slab size as options : 3000x1500,3000x1400,3200x1600 mm,perfect size for quartz kitchen countertops.

    ☑️ Black works well with bright colours. If you have bright features in your home such as seats and walls, the contrasting colours will add elegance to your home.

    ☑️ Despite the easy maintenance of black quartz countertops, you should clean and dust the countertops regularly, regardless of whether it is showing any dirt or not. This makes it easier to clean spills that may have gone unnoticed, enhancing the durability of your black quartz kitchen countertops overall.

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