Frequently asked questions

Company Information

Are you a stone factory or a stone trading company?

We are a leading stone factory specialized in natural stone processing in China. Our main advanced equipments as below: Six Granite Block Cutting Machine , One Auto-Polish Machine Line Two Solid Column Machine , Four Curve Panel Wire-Saw Machine Two Water Jet Machine Six Bridge Cutting Machine . As a stone factory focused on fabrication ,we also offer stone trading service once clients' need. For more information ,please visit our Factory Page

Do you offer hotel booking service during stone business trip?

Yes,We do offer hotel booking service during your business trip. We are familier with hotels in Xiamen and Shuitou Town, as Wyndham, Sheraton,Westin,etc we can recommend you proper hotel based on your any requests. Meanwhile we can get better contract prices to help you reduce cost .

Where is your stone factory located? How can I visit there?

Our Stone factory is located in Shuitou Town , Quanzhou City, Fujian Province in China.

  1. You can take flight to Xiamen Airpot first as the nearest airport.
  2. Then it takes about 60-90 minutes from Xiamen airport to our factory by driving,depends on traffic status.
  • We are glad to help you arrange business trip ,to pick you up in airport/train station/hotel to check our factory and then send you back.
  • If you have own drivers ,please contact us in advance we can send you our factory GPS location.

Are you a quarry owner ? / Do you have stone quarry ?

Honestly speaking ,we are not quarry owners and do not have stone quarry in China. But we direclty cooperate with some quarries,purchase selected raw blocks from quarry to offer stable supply and better quality control,example as Mongolia Black Granite, Carrara White Marble, Phantom Grey Marble are the main stone quarry we work with . By the way ,there is no need to do any marketing for 99.9% owners of quarry. Don't trust anyone boast they are quarry owners in negotiation! Quarry Owner

How many stone workers in your factory ?

We have 65 stone workers in factory in total . 10 workers are in office including 4 drawing analysts ,2 financial staff,1 HR and 2 for purchasing and 1 for stone accessory warehouse. 55 workers are in workshop responsible for different stone machines contorling,processing,dry lay ,package,QC etc. Our stone workers are all experinced and skillful .

Can you offer engineered stone mateirals ?

Yes ,we can offer engineered stone materials as compress marble, nano glass ,quartz,terrazzo as trading. Although we do not produce above materials in own factory ,but we can offer you good price and do proper quality control. We are in stone materials business for almost two decades,we are very familiar with above factoies in their quality and prices.

Do you have stone catualogues for refence ?

Yes,we do have stone catualogues for all clients . But we suggest you use e-catalogue as eco-friendly method,please download on our page . if it's not clear we can courier you catalogue but freight collected.

How fast can I get your stone price?

You can get our stone price in less than 24 hours if with confirmed quantity ,qualiy standard and specifications for normal stone products . For special stone products or stone projects ,or customized stonework with drawings, we might need more time but will try ASAP.

Can you offer the OEM stone service ?

Yes ,We can offer OEM stone service. You can supply natural stone blocks or slabs to our factory then we can process based on your drawings and requests .

How many meter squre for your stone factory ? /How big for your stone factory ?

Our stone factory is around 10,000 square meter. It is divided into four areas :

  • Stone Processing Workshop
  • Stone Accessory Warehouse
  • Stone Slab Warehouse
  • Office building
  • Dry lay area . For more information ,please visit our Factory Page

How does your stone factory do products quality control ?

Quality over Quantity is our priority belief. We have skillful Quality Control Team,each member has rich expeirnces in their stage .

  • Block Selection
Our QC works starts from block selection,only good blocks can bring good quality slabs.They will select proper block size to make sure it's less wastage and lower cost for cut to size.Meanwhile it must be without crack ,with consistent base color and less pattern change.
  • Every Processing Procedure
Then other QC staff will check in each processing procedure: block cutting ,glue brushing ,slab drying,polishing,cutting,profiling,dry lay and package. Only in this way it can make sure the best quality products.
  • Loading
At last,we will follow during the whole loading,make sure all wooden crates or bundles stand safely and properly in container or lorry.

Our Products

What is your main products?

Our main products are natural stone slabs and tiles ,including marble ,granite ,travertine,limestone and onyx. We also supply stone products as landscape pavers,counter tops, sinks,stairs, coping, and so on. OEM service is also availble for engineered stone as quartz ,compress marble,nano glass,terrazzo.

I am a house owner, May I know what is Natural Stone?

Natural Stone is refered to a group products mining quarry from the earth.It spent thousands years to form the solid natural and amazing colors as one of the best building materials and decorative enhancements for interior and exterior .The group products are seperated into Marble,Granite,Onyx,Travertine,Limestone, Slate, Quartzite, Sandstone, Adoquin,and others based on composition.They are more than rocks – natural stone is all hand selected from the best, most consistent sources for durability and beauty.

Natural stone products are different in color, texture even among pieces from the same source. This is usually considered as a benefit, lending itself to one of a kind designs and distinctive, dramatic applications.

What are natural stone applications?

In thousands years ago,natural stone was a Royal Construction materials for churches,govenment buildings and monuments. As time change,it has more widely applications now. For residential construction, wood and brick have been the traditional choice. However, there has been a growing trend in recent years to use Natural Stone in residential construction for both structural and decorative use. Popular applications include entryways, atriums, bathrooms, fireplaces, floors, countertops, and many other surfaces.was used as construction material in Greece and Rome.Natural Stone has mainly been used for large-scale construction and in formal applications such as churches and government buildings. It has also been used for road construction and monuments. For residential construction, wood and brick have been the traditional choice. However, there has been a growing trend in recent years to use Natural Stone in residential construction for both structural and decorative use. Popular applications include entryways, atriums, bathrooms, fireplaces, floors, countertops, and many other surfaces.

Why should I use natural stone in my home?

There are 5 reasons you must use natural stone in your house:

  1. Distinctive Beauty
  2. The sense of peaceful tranquility
  3. More durable
  4. Little maintenance
  5. Without harmful chemicals

What are the different kinds of natural stone?

Natural Stone products are including Marble, Granite,Onyx,Travertine,Limestone, Sandstone.

  • Marble
It is prized for its timeless style, texture and highly gloss polish with very rich pattern of amzing colors, marble is valid anywhere interior house. It is available in dramatic veined and solids nature.It is one of the most versatile decorative stones if carved or sculpted.It is also a symbol of luxury and rich.
  • Granite
Granite has incredible strength and density, and it is the hardest stone and most durable.The speical features make granite the perfect choice for massive structural work – walls, monuments and supports. Granite products are ideal for countertops,flooring, vanities and decorative exterior applications.
  • Travertine
Travertine adds rich, distinctive character to a variety of indoor and outdoor building projects. Its patterns and veining effects were formed by hot spring water percolating through underground limestone. When used for interior applications, travertine is often filled with cement, grout or resin and sealed to create a smooth, stain-resistant surface.
  • Onyx
Onyx is composed of crystalline silica and closely related to agate, a semi-precious stone.It is formed by the slow flow of cold, carbonated spring water, available in pastel shades of yellow, brown, green, orange, and white.
  • Limestone
The muted, soft tones of limestone are perfect for today's casual and comfortable lifestyles. Available in hues of soft beige and tan, either polished or honed, limestone products are ideal for bathrooms, fireplaces, countertops and flooring in low-traffic, informal areas.
  • Sandstone
With a uniform texture, an appealing variety of colors and finishes, and weather resistant durability, it's easy to see why sandstone products have been used for thousands of years for walls, floors, and pavers. As with other types of rock, its variations result from differing mineral composition – there's a sandstone product to match any décor.

Why is granite more popular for kitchen/bar countertops?

Granite is the hardest and densest of all natural stones .The feldspar content keeps it water resistant, and the silicates it contains won't react with acid. These properties help Granite resist staining and retain its fine luster over a longer period of time than ceramic tiles or other stones. Countertops in kitchens and bar areas are often exposed to acidic substances such as lemon, vinegar, alcohol, and tomato sauce. Knives, dishes, pots and pans, and other implements may cause scratching of lesser materials.

Why are travertines and limestones preferred for family or living rooms?

The family of living room is a place for peace and relaxation. So the soft, muted tones and textures of travertine and limestone are the perfect match. It is available in shades of beige, tan, yellow and gold and processed with a tumbled or antiqued finish.Besides, limestone complements all types of furniture and upholstery.

Why is marble more preferred for bathrooms?

People often enjoy bathrooms with bold colors ,smooth surface and flowing patterns. Marble is the perfect choice for bathroom due to its wide spectrum of available colors. It is also can be processed in special finish like leather,sandblast creating both traditional and artistic designs.Meanwhile,for showering area we need antiskid solution ,so we use honed finish marble as one of the best choices.

Where do natural stones come from?

Natural stones are quarried directly from the earth's mounthain, and every piece is unique. The only processing they need is shaping into various forms, sizes and finishes. The main quarry locations are in Italy ,Africa,China,India,etc

Why are most natural stones imported?

  • Different natural stone ,Different origin places.
Example,Brazil is the origin of fantastic granite,Most white marble is from Italy,Turkey is the biggest mining for beige marble.
  • Different Countries ,Different processing cost.
There are also good quarry in Italy and USA,but considering the machinery cost,workers cost,many processing works are transfered to China and other Asia countries.
  • Different countries,different work efficiency.
Overall ,China has more stone facory and more machine equipment.They are worker more fast and higher efficienty.

Why can some stones not be used for exterior applications?

Some types of stone are more suitable for interior applications than exterior because they cannot withstand harsh weather and may crack, crumble, or fade. Also, stones with naturally slip-resistant surfaces are better for outdoor walkways or patios than those with smooth, polished surfaces.

Why are some stones more expensive than other building materials?

Natural stone is totally from quarry mountain and limited amount.

  • Mining Cost
  • Short Supply,Big Market Demand.
  • Import Tax and shipping cost

Why are bigger sizes more expensive?

The Bigger Sizes the stone, the more difficult it is to process, handle, pack, and transport. Bigger sizes also tend to have a higher amount of waste compared to the part that is used, which makes them more expensive.

What are different types of stone finishes?

The different types of stone finishes include:

  • Polished
Polished stone has a shiny, mirror-like surface. Marble, granite, limestone and travertine tiles and slabs are polished on large polishing machines which progressively grind the stone from the rough saw-cut surface (visible on the back side of tiles or slabs) to a specular (mirror-like) finish.
  • Honed
Honed stone has a matte or satin finish for a softer, more subdued look. This is achieved at the factory by stopping just short of the last stage of polishing. Some fabricators have special equipment and can hone marble in their shops by removing the factory polish. One feature of honed marble is that it doesn’t show etching as readily, or wear patterns on floors. It is preferred by some because it has a less formal, softer appearance than polished stone.
  • Flamed
Flamed stone is produced by applying blow torch-strength heat to the surface of granite, which actually pops some of the crystals and creates a deeply textured surface. Flamed granite is ideal for use outside and can also be used for dramatic effect as an accent material in a polished granite floor.
  • Leather/Antique
A leathered or brushed finish is a somewhat new finishing style that is becoming more popular. To achieve this finish, granite first begins with a honed surface. Diamond-tipped brushes are then run over the surface to add texture in the form of subtle dimples. A leathered finish can make granite appear even more sophisticated and increase the stain resistance compared to a honed finish. It also tends to retain the natural color of the stone that can be washed out with a honed finish.
  • Sandblast
This surface is the result of a pressurised flow of sand and water that provides a textured surface with a matte gloss.Sand blasting involves projecting a high-pressure airline coarse-grained grit, onto the top surface of the stone. It is characterised by a textured surface with a matte gloss.Depending on the pressure applied to the sand, the stone presents a punctuated and chromatic surface.
  • Bushhammer
The bush hammered finish isn’t as common as polished, honed, and leathered, but it’s worth considering. This finish involves the use of a tool that resembles a meat tenderizing hammer with pyramidal points that are struck against the surface. A bush hammered finish resembles naturally weathered rock with a lightly textured surface. Bush hammering often lightens the natural color of the stone.

Why are travertines unfilled or filled?

Travertine is characterized by the presence of many tiny holes, caused by trapped gas bubbles during its formation. This creates a porous, uneven surface, which is referred to as Unfilled Travertine. When these cavities are filled with cement or another material, the result is called Filled Travertine and may be honed and polished to provide a uniform surface similar to marble.

What criteria do I use to select stone color?

The criteria for selecting stone color will depend on the application. Color choice can make a room appear larger or smaller, formal or warm and inviting. Consider the following characteristics:

  • Lighter colors tend to make a smaller room seem larger.
  • Dark colors tend to make a room more intimate and cozy.
  • Solid colors, smooth and polished tiles show more dirt and require more maintenance.
  • Patterned material, usually in a honed finish, is one of the easiest to maintain.
  • Dramatic patterns can help highlight and accent portions of the room, including architectural features.

Is Terrazzo a natural stone?

Terrazzo stone is a highly versatile solid surface material invented by Venetian mosaic workers in the 15th century. ... Although marble is still the best choice for customer who looking for the nature design , terrazzo stone a composite material made of recycled glass and granite or other stone.and is held together with a concrete or epoxy-resin binder.

Why is terrazzo stone a good material for floors?

Terrazzo stone is a flooring material made from recyle stone ,glass and concrete , then polishing until smooth. ... Terrazzo stone is good polish and varied ,Customers have multiple choices.

Can use terrazzo stone outside?

Terrazzo stone can be used outside or indoors as a flooring and wall material, and it is great for high traffic areas such as lobbies, hallways and outdoor areas for just this reason. ...

What is the difference between polished concrete and terrazzo stone?

The biggest differences between terrazzo stone and polished concrete is the cement-to-aggregate ratio and manufaturing step. ... Polished concrete involves polishing the slab itself . In contrast, terrazzo stone involves covering the technology to process terrazzo stone block with epoxy and aggregate, and then cut slab and polish it just like the nature stone.

Can use bleach on terrazzo floors?

Terrazzo floors is a composite floor made from chips of various stones and is very holey. You should never use bleach or any acid based cleaners such as citrus oils. ... Also, bleach can contuinally damage terrazzo floors by scoring them.

How to take care of terrazzo stone?

Daily terrazzo stone floor care includes dust washing and cleaning stubborn stains with a neutral cleaner diluted in warm water. Once a week, a damp clean can be used on lightly soiled floors. Heavily soiled terrazzo stone should be cleaned by a buffing machines.

When can you use steam mop terrazzo stone floors?

Can not use a steam cleaner on the flooring , if your terrazzo flooring is not sealed with a commercial sealer. .... For regular cleaning, use a damp mop and a cleaning solution recommended for terrazzo stone flooring

How do you clean a nature stone floor?

The most importem mop and bucket of water or a standard vacuum is need to keep your inside floors clean of dirt and soot. To clean an outdoor floor, such as a swimming pool deck or outdoor relax area, just chean it off regularly all the time especially spring and summer.


Can I order samples? Are you free for samples?

Yes,you can order samples. It's free for normal samples but courier charge need to be paid.

What is payment term ?

Our payment term is 30% deposit after order ,and balance 70% should be paid before loading

What payment method do you accept ?

We can accpet payment method T.T for normal orders, Paypal is also avialble for small amount for samples and courier charge.

What payment currency do you accept ?

We suggst you use USD as priority, we can also accept currency of :RMB,EUR,JPY,GBP,CAD,etc. Take Note: We DO NOT accept payment direclty from high risk countris as Iran and Russia.

Can I order some stone tools ,stone accessories or stone maintenance chemical?

Yes,You can order some stone tools & accessories from us together with stone products ,but must be declared in documents . We suggest DO NOT put maintenance chemical becuase it's dangerous.

How is stone package ?

Our stone products are packaged properly in strong wooden crate or bundles.All wooden package is fumigated as international requirements ISPM15.

  • Big Slabs:
It is packed with plastic cover between slabs,then with strong seaworthy wooden bundle as frame.
  • Tiles:
6-10 pieces stone tiles are in one foam/paper box inside ,outside with strong seaworthy wooden crates and metal straps to make it stable.
  • Countertops:
It is packaged with foamed plastics inside, then fumigated wooden crates outside.

Shipping& Delivery

How long is the delivery ?

The delivery is made up with two parts : Processing and Shipping.

  • Processing
It needs 10-15 days per full container for standard products as stone slabs and normal thickness cut to size. It might be longer time for custmozied products as thick slabs(30 mm up ) ,waterjet/medallioan,carving,mosaic etc.
  • Shipping
Shipping time depends on destination port.

Which port do you send out the containers ?

We send out containers from Xiamen Port,China for most time, it might be from Shenzhen Port,Shanghai Port,Qingdao Port,Tianjin Port for some special mateirals.

How long it take to my country if from Xiamen Port?

It's from 7 -45 days depends on destination port.

What price term do you offer ?

We offer price term of :

  • EX Work China ( If you have one stop forwarder service )
  • FOB China ( If you have one stop forwarder service )
  • CNF(If you have forwarder in own country but no proper forwarder in China)
  • CIF(If you have forwarder in own country but no proper forwarder in China)
  • EXW Your Factory(We offer all forwarder service )