Ink Wash Marble

Ink Wash Marble

Ink Wash Marble is a white background marble with light black color pattern ,looks like a Chinese ink wash painting from China. Many interior designers prefer this white marble ,widely used for lobby floor ,feature wall and work top.


    China Ink Wash White Marble ,this white marble price is from  $ 70-100/m2 in China facotry for 18 mm polished slabs for wholesalers.


    ☑️Ink Wash White Marble  is a singularly beautiful stone mining from Greece,highly preferred by interior designers ,stone distributors and marble importers.

    ☑️Ink Wash White Marble is characterized by cool white and light gray, that create a rich and original design.

    ☑️Ink Wash White Marbleis widely used for stairs, outstanding walls of bathroom ,kitchen and living room feature wall.


Color: White