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How to Design Villa Stone Stairs and Get Proper Size ?

The interior design for #stonestairs size must be suitable for the needs of the villa and the convenience of walking, and also have a more grand looking. So what is the size of the villa stair steps? Due to the different shapes villas, the size of the stair steps are various.stone stairs

What is the Size for Stone Stair Case?

1.When selecting the #stonestaircase, it's not only the aesthetic appearance of the shape but also the safety is the most important matter, and the size is designed to avoid too many gaps and sharp edges and corners.

2. There are strict and precise requirements on the step size of the villa:

  • In general, the #stonestairsteps is 900mm width.

  • At the 18 steps, you have to set up the platform.

  • The riser's height is generally 170mm.

  • The vertical distance from the first step of the villa step to the top step is more than 220mm.

  • The maximum distance from the stairs to the roof must be more than 2000mm so that there is no feeling of depression.

  • The height of the handrails on both sides of the stairs is 850--900mm, and the diameter is 550mm.

Marble Staircase Designs: Width

The step width of the villa's #marblestaircasedesign is also very important, and it must be strictly and accurately controlled and planned. In the villa's stair size selection must also be beautiful, the width of the villa stair step is naturally wider than the width of the commercial room stairs.

Generally it's 1meter to 1.2meter width, not only grand looking, but also easier handling for large pieces of furniture. There are some personalized alternative designs, the size and width of the villa stair step are different.

Villa Stair Steps: Spiral Stairs

#StoneSpiralStaircase are a common decoration method for villa stairs:

  • The spiral staircase is usually arranged in a circular shape around a single column. The platform and the step are all fan-shaped planes. The width of the inside of the step is small, forming a steep slope, and the structure of the spiral staircase is complicated.

  • The spiral staircase is more space-saving in application, the minimum stair step size of the villa can be opened to 1300*1300mm or 1400*1100mm.

  • However, since there is only one point of force on the spiral staircase, there are certain defects in the structure and load-bearing.

Villa Stair Step Size: Slope

The stair size of the villa is very close to the design of the stairs. However, the stepping slope of the villa also has an important role to play in the selection of the step size of the villa.

  • Many factors such as walking comfort, climbing efficiency, and space status should be considered in the selection of the stepping slope of the villa.

  • The angle between the slope line and the horizontal plane is the slope of the stairs. The slope of the villa step is generally 20 degrees - 45 degrees, and the best step of the villa is about 30 degrees.

  • Due to the different styles and designs of the stairs, the requirements for the slope of the stairs are also different. If there is an old man or a child in the house, it is recommended that the stairs of the villa be stepped at a maximum of 14 degrees -27 degrees.

Measurement methods:

  • Ink line:

The ink line is vertical downward by 150 mm direction to obtain the ink line.That is the height of the step template 150 mm

  • Bouncing step mode board line

1. Use a level ruler;

2. Divide the ink line or the ink line into two equal parts (that is, the number of steps), and then, by dividing the halved points into vertical lines, the template lines of each step can be obtained.

  • The vertical ink line: two vertical ink lines on the inner wall of the stair size beam; the spacing is the width of 9 steps; that is, 300 × 9 = 2700 (). Also on the other end of the stair beam, two vertical ink lines are also played (in the cross-sectional view, only the ink lines are visible). Before the upper staircase template is placed, the ink line, hammer ball or theodolite should be led to the upper wall surface, so that the stair beam can be controlled up and down on the wide straight line to ensure the same step width.

  • The elastic oblique ink line: First of all should determine the elevation of the intersection of the bottom of the ladder and the stair beam, to find the elevation of the stairs and the thickness of the ladder.

  1. then determine the thickness of the junction of the step plate and the ladder beam;

  2. where the slope = 150/300 = 0.5, the thickness of the ladder is 1 = 80, and 2 can be easily calculated according to the ratio of the Pythagorean theorem, that is, the flat position on the bottom template of the step, the elevation of the point is (1.48-0.15) -0.089) = 1.241, the elevation of the point should be - (0.020 + 0.089) = -0.109. Connection is the ink line. Mark the calculated elevation on the pay-off map for use during construction. According to this, the required elevation of other steps can be obtained;

  3. The oblique ink line: a step height (150) is measured from the intersection of the horizontal line with an elevation of -0.02 and the ink line; Connect the point to the intersection of the horizontal line and the ink line with an elevation of 1.48, which is the ink line. The ink line of the above step is also popped up.

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