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Try Stone Sourcing Agent to Efficiently Manage Supply Chain

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

How to efficiently manage supply chain for stone slab importers?

The answer is always about better quality, lower cost, and less stock in the end !Today I will introduce you about our #stonesourcingagent service to help you boost profit.

Why Do You Need a Stone Sourcing Agent's Service ?

There are many options for you to contact a #stonesupplier .

  • First, search on the B2B online platform, as Alibaba.

Alibaba is the top one Chinese eCommerce business , a reliable online platform that hosts millions of users, which includes small and big businesses. Just like eBay and Amazon, Alibaba allows users and shoppers to meet, transact, and negotiate in one digital space.

After you spent much time searching and comparing, you wavered to make a choice among them. You might have below headaches :

(1)You can't accept the high bid but also worried the unsatisfied quality who offer low bid. (2)It’s really difficult to decide who is the best one can offer competitive service .

(3)You might have communication problems and notice that it's not easy to reach the same understanding on the requests.

Due to the stones’ texture and density is totally natural, it’s difficult to reach the agreement only by the confirmed sample.While unqualified suppliers still can fight back with dozens of reasons for your complaints.

  • Second, visit stone fair to know suppliers

There are many stone exhibitions in the world all the year round.We list out the top 10 for your references in 2022.

  1. China Xiamen International Stone Fair, in Xiamen,China

  2. Marble Izmir Fair,in Izmir Turkey

  3. Cevisama Expo,in Valencia Spain

  4. Marmo + Mac,in Verona Italy

  5. Vitoria Stone Fair,Serra,Brazil

  6. Middle East Stone,in Dubai,UAE

  7. INDIA STONE MART,Jaipur,India

  8. The International Surface Event,Las Vegas USA

  9. Coverings, in Florida,USA

  10. JCK Las Vegas,,Las Vegas in USA

China Xiamen International Stone Fair is the biggest stone exhibition , where stone importers and designers gather together to source unique stone materials and are looking for trading opportunities.

As a professional stone sourcing agent ,we visited many stone exhibitions. While we also had our own booth as a distributor,to show our own material.

But ,the crazy COVID-10 pandemic spread over the whole world. It's risky and also limited to fly to visit exhibitions .

Then how to get quality #naturalstone and #engineeredstone slabs ?

Here, we offer you the third option: To get a trustworthy stone sourcing agent.

What are the advantages of stone sourcing agent?

(1)More Stone Collections.

Stone requests are full of diversity.There are over thousands of stone materials ,but no single factory can produce all of them.The factory produces #ItalianCarraraWhitemarble slabs, then it's impossible to produce Brazilian gang-saw granite, neither jumbo #terrazzoslabs. A qualified stone distributor knows very well for their own material ,but a qualified stone sourcing agent is familiar with many stone distributors, and they know very well how to compare the distributors’ service.

Once you want to import above stone into one container, the stone sourcing agent can make a big help for you to get more collections.

(2)Less Cultural Barrier.

There is no specific education standard request for sales persons in stone factories in China. So it's impossible to negotiate directly with them . Stone sourcing agent is the middle man between importers and China factories. This work requires them to speak and write Chinese and English frequently, and at least a bachelor's degree.

If importers have diversity requests and deal directly with factories,they probably have many conflicts on understanding.

(3)Lower Purchasing Cost .

As an experienced stone sourcing agent, they are familiar with lots of professional factories in hand. First, they know very well which group is the right one to be chosen on specific stone . Second,they will make great effort to select and compare among groups to get the best block. Third, they can also get a lower price than importers directly, because of years of collaboration between the agent and the factory .

(4)Lower Communication Cost.

If you directly deal with stone factories ,first you have to spend money on flights and hotels. Besides, you take time to communicate with many salespeople from different factories.After that you need to carefully compare service and quality among them.For a busy businessman on projects, it brings more troubles. If you can find a trustworthy and experienced stone sourcing agent ,it can help you save quite a lot of communication cost.

How are procedures if you work with a stone sourcing agent on stone slabs?

1) Please clearly inform about your target material or colors, including name, photo, size, quantity and budgets.

2)We will source 3-5 blocks for your selections ,and offer infos for slab size ,quantity ,price ,and a simple statement on quality.

3) You can choose and inform us your preferred block

4) We will do the quality control for inside inspections piece by piece and offer a final specific quality report .

5)If the block's quality and price is acceptable , we will negotiate with the factory and make the final decision to reserve it .

6)The invoice will be offered and we will arrange for loading after receiving the full payment.

Why choose ISCL as your stone sourcing agent ?

1) Native Advantage

We have to admit that region and language is one of the best barriers between human beings, especially for Fujian Province.Business men here are always sincerer and kind to local natives who speak the same pronounced Hokkien accent, because this is a small group made by several villages, and they are connected by relatives.

2) Rich Experiences

We have over 12 years experience in the stone industry. We are involved from quarry mining to blocks cutting ,from slab polishing to complicated profiling ,sandblasted and carving.We know how to purchase good quality slabs in short time, and also handle well for details fabrications.

3)Guaranteed Payment Security

New clients might wonder if payment is transferred but container not shipping out ;or stone quality is not the same as negotiated .

Please do not worry about the above issues, because we are not only a stone sourcing agent, but also a real stone distributor. We have our own slabs outlet in the DongSheng stone market.You can find us and visit us anytime.

4) High Customer Satisfaction

In such a competition business, acquiring a new client is more expense and difficult ,so we always treasure each client who is working with us.We believed that a loyal customer is a treasure, and we should keep and hide from the world.

We spend much time to collect the client's feedback on each purchasing .Even a small advise will be remembered in our deep heart and turn the feedback into action.Then improve the service and continue to follow up the work .

Who Do You Offer Service for?

In the work for the past years, we have offered stone sourcing service to many countries ,Malaysia's stone fabrication factory ,Singapore's Interior Design company ,Indonesia's stone factory,Dubai's landscape contractor, USA's kitchen top factory ,Germany's granite paving importers, etc.

There are more factors you can take into consideration while thinking about your supply chain to boost your profit. We recommend working with a stone sourcing agent to make things easier ,but don't limit yourself.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more info.

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