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Final Guides of Large Size Terrazzo Tiles in 2021

Recently, terrazzo has seen a major resurgence, but with modern twist. Bolder and brighter colors are being employed, larger pieces of tiles are being used as aggregates, and it's now being used to make furnishings and home accessories. It's important to note that the process presents the chance to incorporate color—a fact that modern-day manufacturers have been taking advantage of.

What is Terrazzo?

#Terrazzo is Italian for terrace, It’s the name given by the Italians who developed it. It's a composite material made of chips of quartz, marble, granite, glass, or other stone, and is mixed together with a concrete or epoxy-resin binder. A weighted roller finishes process the material, and the terrazzo is ground or polished to produce a smooth surface.

When was Terrazzo Started in History?

Terrazzo has an special history with roots all over the world. Going back over 500 years to Italy where marble was the main building material. Venetian workers would use scrap marble fragments that they saved from their upscale projects, placing them next to each other in a clay mortar base for their own residence and houses.

How is Terrazzo Today ?

Today, most terrazzo is with epoxy, it allows for a wider selections of colors, faster installation, and a stronger material with an impermeable finish, making it less susceptible to cracking. We are stone factory and supplier of #terrazzoslab in 2400 x1800 x 20 mm in polished, honed,flamed,sandblast and leather finish, which is just the same as granite .We also offer processing service of #terrazzotiles as cut into 600x600,600x1200,1200x1200,1200x2400 etc. Here is the photo for different size #terrazzofloortile.

flooring tile size
different flooring tile size effect with standing man

How to install Terrazzo ?

Below photos are #terrazzofloorinstallation steps.

how to install terrazzo
how to install terrazzo

Why use terrazzo ?

#Terrazzomarble has many advantages as below:


We can use #terrazzosteps, #terrazzowalltile, kitchen counter tops, as well as flooring.,Columns Panel etc. It can be used for interior and exterior vertical projects.Many contractors worry about how to handle such large tiles, but Terrazzo is not fragile like ceramic or porcelain tiles. We had a client told us he dropped a 4’x4’ terrazzo tile down a flight of stairs , but only a small chunk broke off the corner because it hit a concrete column, and he was able to reattach it during installation.


For public works like schools, closing for repair is not ideal. You want to install the floor once and trust it will last as long as the building does with less maintenance. The smooth natural polish applied to the hard stone in #Terrazzofloorcleaning provides a dense surface that offers great resistance to staining and abrasion. For most applications, normal sweeping and mopping is all that is required after the Terrazzo has been properly Sealed.


We offer customized colors and sizes for creativity in design. We work with architects, interior designers to assess the desired colors. All we need to match a background is a paint chip.

Where to use terrazzo ?

Once you take a closer look you might encounter terrazzo in places you visit daily. This includes office spaces, schools, hospitals, airports or maybe a friend’s house. Let’s examine a few common places with terrazzo flooring.

terrazzo flooring tile
airport or station with terrazzo floor

  • Airports And Transportation Centers

Airports are using terrazzo to help guide passengers through the terminal and concourse areas. The colors and patterns provide visual cues for passengers. As a result, passengers know which direction to follow, while also reflecting upon a narrative of the city and its culture through the floor design. The largest benefit terrazzo brings to airports is its low-maintenance and longevity. With continuous traffic, a terrazzo floor is designed to last a lifetime helping airports keep repair and maintenance costs down.

terrazzo flooring tile in school
terrazzo flooring tile in school

  • Schools And Universities

Good design improves academic performance according to studies focusing on the use of materials like terrazzo and its impact on school design. For elementary schools, vibrant colors can create a lively and engaging atmosphere for younger students. School logos made out of terrazzo can boost school spirits as well. As with airports, #terrazzocountertops helps keep costs down with its durability and low maintenance. But terrazzo uses low emitting epoxy resins, which also helps improve the indoor air quality of school buildings. This establishes a healthier environment for students.

terrazzo flooring tile in black and white
terrazzo flooring tile in black and white

  • Hospitals And Healthcare Facilities

#Terrazzobathroom provides a cleaner and sanitary flooring option for hospitals. Terrazzo is nonporous and is resistant to the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. This makes it an exceptional choice for healthcare facilities today. Because epoxy terrazzo has a seamless surface as well, it becomes easier for wheeled transportation like hospital beds and wheelchairs to move from place to place. Studies have indicated that a hospital’s design can help patients heal at faster rates.

  • Corporate Offices

terrazzo flooring tile
terrazzo flooring tile for meeting room

First impressions are important for businesses. Therefore, many corporate headquarters welcome existing and potential clients with a calming and inviting environment. Terrazzo floors are installed in offices for this effect and it even has a positive impact on an employee’s productivity. Companies can build their brand with terrazzo floors by installing their corporate logo in the main lobby. Companies can also showcase their brand colors throughout the hallways and office spaces.

terrazzo flooring tile
modern kitchen design with terrazzo flooring tile

  • Homes And Apartments

Let’s not forget homes. It is one of the biggest investments in a person’s life. Due to the customization of terrazzo, homeowners look for solutions that would benefit their kitchen, bathroom or living quarters. These solutions include floors, countertops, backsplashes, and shower stalls. Because terrazzo lasts a lifetime, homeowners willing to invest in terrazzo benefit from the low maintenance. Homeowners can build custom flooring or countertop that meets their design preferences.

terrazzo side table
terrazzo side table

  • Furniture and Decor

With the speckled material becoming more and more popular, we've seen it used to make furniture, lighting, and decor, as #terrazzolamp, #terrazzosidetable,#terrazzobasin.

Some designers have also come up with their own special creations that are clearly inspired by the material.

Integrity Stone Co.,Ltd is stone factory and #terrazzomanufactures in Fujian,China,offering slabs and tiles for distributors and contractors .It's widely used for #naturalstonewallcladding, countertops in interior and exterior for commercial and residential projects because of superb quality and affordable price. We offer valuable service to Europe and Asia markets almost 20 years.Wish we can cooperate together .Please do not hesitate to contact us if need any info by visit our website or WeChat "IntegrityStone".

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