5 Facts about Compress Marble(Agglomerated Marble) You Should Know

As improving of Environment Awareness in whole global ,natural stone mining is decreasing each year.We have to admit that Artificial Stone is one of the best substitution.

What does #ArtificialStone include ?

Today Let's check more about compress marble.

We are going to analyze from below aspects :

(1)What is the compress marble?

(2)The differences between natural marble and compress marble

(3)Compress Marble Products Serious

(4)Processing of Compress Marble

(5)Advantages of Compress Marble

Lobby Window and Floor with compress marble
Compress Marble Lobby Floor of Airport

Truthfully, a lot of people have seen #compressedmarble (also called #agglomeratedmarble) – many have actually stepped upon it, especially for those who live in big cities. Many luxury buildings use compressed marble as their floor material. But for the most part they only call it “marble”, when it is actually compressed marble.

1.What is the compress marble?

Why do so many fancy buildings use compressed marble as their flooring? The reason for this is because compressed marble is very elegant, to the point it makes the buildings using compressed marble seem as if they are extremely luxurious and have passed the level of natural marble. Compressed marble is produced by binding selected marble chips (93 to 95 %) with specially formulated resin (5 to 7 %).

2.What is the difference of Natural Marble and Compress Marble ?

In #naturalmarble production, large rocks are acquired from quarries.

After cutting the selected rocks, the remaining boulders are classified as residue. In the past, the excess material was treated as waste or used as substrate for roads.

This is not an efficient use of limited natural resources and does not contribute positively to environmental sustainability. The need to make full use of the natural stone substance to produce a product similar to natural marble led to agglomerated marble as a natural stone substitute.

3.How many types for Compress Marble ?

(1)Macro Agglomerate

(2)Pure Base Compress Marble

pure base color compress marble in 6 colors
pure base color compress marble in 6 colors

(3)3D Painted Compress Marble

3D Painted Compress Marble
3D Painted Compress Marble

(4) SandBlasted Compress Marble

Sandblasted compress marble pattern
Sandblasted compress marble pattern

(5)Carving of Compress Marble

carving compress marble pattern
carving compress marble pattern

4.What is the Processing of Compress Marble

This is the very basic step-by-step process of making compressed marble:

(1)Selected marble boulders are crushed and sieved into various sizes.

(2)Marble granules are mixed with specially formulated polyester resin and compacted under vacuum by vibro-compression technology.

(3)Large marble blocks are produced and cured for few days.

(4)Cured compressed marble blocks are sawn into slabs.

(5)Unpolished slabs are calibrated using digital automatic machine to ensure uniform size and thickness.

(6)Different stages of polishing are carried by automatic machines, the transformation process is closely similar to natural marble production.

(7)Cutting into required sizes by a laser machine to ensure dimensional accuracy.

(8)Final sorting, packing in cardboard boxes and stacking on wooden pallets before dispatch.

From this schematic you can clearly see how compressed marble is made:

Procedure of Compress Marble
Procedure of Compress Marble

5.What is the advantage of Compress Marble?

(1)Homogeneous body and re-polishable

compress marble advantages:Homogeneous body and re-polishable
compress marble advantages:Homogeneous body and re-polishable

Agglomerated marble is made of the same materials and the whole body is homogeneous. Gentle grinding and polishing after installation make the floor surface smooth and shiny. This same quality finish can still be achieved years after installation by re-grinding and re-polishing. The measurement of hardness (MOH) scale for agglomerated marble is just slightly higher than natural marble. Thus, the tools and equipment used for polishing natural marble can be employed for agglomerated marble.

(2)Less effort required on dry lay

compress marble advantage :Less effort required on dry lay
compress marble advantage :Less effort required on dry lay

Most end users especially in residential developments prefer to have a consistent colour tone in the finishing work. Dry lay or pre-selection is not an uncommon practice when using natural stones. This is to minimize tonality and other issues inherent in the natural material. Dry lay is often a meticulous, time consuming and labour intensive process, especially in large scale residential projects. Sufficient space is also required to carry out this process. Separate dry lay shop drawings based on layouts need to be prepared and the selected marble must be installed according to the numbered sequence to ensure consistent results.

(3)Less inherent imperfections in the surface

compress marble advantage :Less inherent imperfections in the surface
compress marble advantage :Less inherent imperfections in the surface

The inherent imperfections like open veins, tone variations and pinholes are common in natural stones. These imperfections are sometimes classified as “defects” by end users. In most situations, it is not easy to rectify these flaws, especially after installation. Much time and cost need to be expended to address such “imperfections”, apart from the inconvenience to end users. For this reason, dry laying is often necessary in natural stone works. A well controlled mechanism in the manufacturing process for agglomerated marble, together with the compressed vacuum technology will reduce concerns like pin holes and open veins in flooring

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