G654 Granite

G654 Granite

We are manufacture of G654 Grey Granite Slab,Tile and Paving Stone in high quality with SGS Warranty.We devoted ourselves to granite almost 20 years,covering most of Middle East and Europe markets.Wish we can cooperate together .


    G654 Granite Slab Price is from  $ 40-45/m2 in China facotry for 18 mm polished slabs for wholesalers.


    ☑️G654 Granite Slab is an singularly beautiful stone mining from China,highly preffered by interior designers ,stone distributors and marble importers.

    ☑️G654 Granite characterized by black and white, that create a rich and original design.

    ☑️G654 Granite is widely used for stairs, outstanding walls of bahtroom ,kitchen and living room feature wall.

Color: Grey