Compressed Marble Azul Bahia Blue

Compressed Marble Azul Bahia Blue

Also known as Blue Bahia, this strikingly beautiful and exclusive material is quarried in the northeastern state of Bahia and transported from Brazil to bring magnificence to you and your space! Artificial marble Azul Bahia Blue reduce costs and get the same decorative effect.


    Artificial marble Azul Bahia Blue slab price is from  $ 16-25/m2 in China engineered stone factory  for 20 mm polished slabs for wholesalers.


    ☑️Whilst Azul Bhia granite is frost resistant the polish is only constant for interior use.

    ☑️ Artificial marble Azul Bahia Blue price is better than nature stone which from Brazil.

    ☑️There are several  slab size as options : 3000x1500,3000x1400,3200x1600 mm,perfect size for wall. 

    ☑️3D print artificail marble Azul Bahia Blue,finished with high temperature with variety of beautiful pictures,used for the walls and other placesand we offer more than one hundred of colors of artificial marbles,quartz,sintered stone,big porcelians

Color: BLUE