Ultimate Guide for Applications of Split Face Stone Skin

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

There are many methods to use Split Face Stone,also named #mushroomstones, especially to create a unique distinguishing feature that can characterize the project. This Rock Wall keep a desired and practical finish option for interior and exterior plans. By incorporating #SplitStoneWallCladding idea you are bring the nature beauty to your decor design.

Yellow Granite Stone Skin in Split Face

The standard sizes we produce #SplitFaceStone are in 400x400,400x600,400x900 mm for each price , thickness are from 30-120 mm. Customized sizes are also acceptable depends on the designs .

Specification of Split Face Stone Skin

Through the specifications above, you might be astonished by the weight of each piece, that's also the amazing part which decide the applications of Stone Skin: it must be installed for wall in spacious areas.

Because of its natural style and big size forms, Split Face Stone can be used to recreate different styles – from rustic to contemporary, depends on the way how you use them. Combined with the perfect accessories, they can change the atmosphere completely and make it more welcoming and luxury. Here is an ultimate guide how you can refresh your design using Stone Skin in the different applications. 

1. Residence Feature Wall

It's a growing trend in interior feature wall plan for luxury villas , bungalow, penthouse ,modern home and other contemporary style design.

Residential Split Face Stone Skin Feature Wall

2. Fireplace Wall Cladding.

Below is photo showed the grey color stone skin feature wall installed with fireplace.

Fireplace Wall in Grey Granite Split Face Stone Skin

3. Restaurant Interior Wall Cladding

It start a New Era of restaurant interior design, especially for the ones serve with Japanese Sushi,Chinese Tea ,Hong Kong Dishes.

Restaurant Interior Wall Cladding with Split Face Stone Skin

4. Reception Counter Surface

No matter for hotel lobby or any other hospitality, reception counter is the first one to check and it's import to catch guests' eyesights.

Reception Counter in Split Face Stone Skin

5. Exterior Wall Cladding

It can totally upgrade the garden if use stone skin with Green plants surroundings.

Exterior Wall Cladding with Split Face Stone Skin

6. Column Surface

If you are tired with flat polish column or carving ones, you should try Split Face Stone as the new option .

Yellow Granite Column Split Face Stone Skin

7. Cabinet Skin Decor

Below photo is our creative client's new design used for cabinet skin.

Cabinet in Split Face Stone Skin

8. Screen Wall Panels

Due to the heavy weight ,stone skin can not be directly stand as a screen wall ,but it is perfect to installed with wooden frame as the photo.

Grey Stone Skin Screen Wall Panel

9.Hotel Lobby Wall Cladding.

It's always a big headache for how to design lobby wall ,here ,it's totally new idea .

Hotel Lobby Wall Cladding in Split Face Stone Skin

The variety of split face stone skin is really great and the options to use them around the house are numerous. Get inspired from our projects and select the best split face stone skin for you by visiting our Product Page or coming to our factory in China.

We are factory of Split Face Stone Skin in high quality two decades, covering many Southeast Asia and American countries.We want to be your best partner in China .

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